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 All Creative Hope Studio spaces come fully equipped for professional-level audio production, engineering, pod-casting and vocal recording. Each studio is powered by Apple mac technology, Logic PRO, FLX Instruments instrumental package, Final Cut PRO video editing software, Adobe photoshop/Graphic design software and a pod-cast station. 


All included- Creative Hope Studio Rules,LED lights, Studio desk & chair, microphone, x2 headphones, speakers, monitors, interface, keyboard/drum machine, studio foam and panels, wall art,  graffiti mural, portable recording booth, pod-cast station and vocal shield.




Staff Development Training - (Operating  The Studio)

Staff Development Training -(Program Structure)


CHS Program 




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Career Exploration 


The Creative Hope Studio program offers students opportunities to learn entrepreneurial and employability skills that can help connect to academic interest in potential tech careers. Students can explore careers in audio production, music engineering, videography, video editing, podcasting, and graphic design. Students can begin the process of identifying career interests and planning for vocational learning opportunities.

Career exploration with Creative Hope Studios will improve students' knowledge of career options, encouraging them to work toward goals as they are also beginning to transition back into the community and school system. 

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