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Alton "Spike" Peirce

Alton "Spike" Pierce, is a published author,  speaker, youth mentor and grammy award winner. Spike, was born in Los Angeles California in 1962 and first met Ice-T in the early 1980s and was an original member of Ice’s Rhyme Syndicate. He currently resides in LA and devotes much of his time to speaking at youth facilities and leading outreach programs aimed at at-risk youth and youth in the Juvenile Justice System. While incarcerated Spike lead the prison's "Scared Straight" programs aimed at deterring kids from the street life that inevitably leads to prison and death.


Today Spike travels the country speaking at schools, juvenile detention centers, and prisons. Spike has a heart for helping young people change their mindsets that are caught up in gangs, drug selling and the  entrapments of the street life. 


"Spike is dynamic speaker, passionate, and extremely relevant when speaking with this population of youth, his message is powerful and inspiring"

  • National Juvenile Justice Trainer & Program Provider- TJ Griffin 


Ice-T rose to fame in the late 1980s, earning acclaim for his music before going on to enthrall television audiences as Odafin “Fin” Tutuola in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. But it could have gone much differently.

In this “poignant and powerful” (Library Journal, starred review) memoir, Ice-T and Spike, his former crime partner—collaborating with New York Times bestselling author Douglas Century—relate the shocking stories of their shared pasts, and how just a handful of decisions led to their incredibly different lives. Both grew up in violent, gang-controlled Los Angeles neighborhoods and worked together to orchestrate a series of jewelry heists.

But while Ice-T was discovered rapping in a club and got his first record deal, Spike was caught for a jewelry robbery and did three years in prison. As his music career began to take off, Ice made the decision to abandon the criminal life; Spike continued to plan increasingly ingenious and risky jewel heists. And in 1992, after one of Spike’s robberies ended tragically, he was sentenced to thirty-five years to life. While he sat behind bars, he watched his former partner rise to fame in music, movies, and television.

“Propulsive” (Publishers Weekly, starred review), timely, and thoughtful, two men with two very different lives reveal how their paths might have very well been reversed if they made different choices. All it took was a split decision.

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