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Creative Hope Studios


Provides custom built high quality affordable recording studios for schools, treatment programs, and rehabilitation agencies that serve at-risk students and young adults. Our recording studio programs come equipped with staff training, program structure and back-end staff operational support. Creative Hope Studios are experienced professionals working in the fields education, Juvenile Justice, Behavioral Health and Drug & Alcohol Treatment.

Creative Hope Studios are the only staff trained, structured and back end supported recording studio and media space program designed specifically for at-risk youth in the nation. 


*Incentive Based Program -

* Career Exploration -

*Improve School/Facility Culture - 

*Music Therapy-

*Culturally Relevant Programming-

*COVID-19 relief - 

*Holistic Solutions -

*Diversity & Equity Program (DEI)- 

*Juvenile Justice Reform -

*Title 1 & ESSER funded -

*Restorative Approach- 



Adding a Creative Hope Recording Studio program to your facility or school will offer those in your care opportunities for healing and self expression through creative writing, cultural inclusion, poetry, music therapy and the arts. Creative Hope also inspires career exploration in audio production & engineering, video editing, podcasting and entrepreneurship. Creative Hope is an Incentive Based Program that can also help curve behaviors for the harder to reach youth, students and clients under your care.



"As our industry continues to become more innovative and individualized to client needs, Creative Hope has been very successful in their approach using music and culture to begin the stages of rapport building, one of the essential components of a successful therapeutic relationship".

-Rhonda Stewart MS, CCSOTS, CSDD Clinical Fidelity Specialist




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